Celebrating our 14th year serving the legal community in South Carolina.

Digital Forensics Examiners 
and Cyber-Crime Investigators
E-Mail: steve@abramsforensics.com
We are located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

All forensic services must be prepaid, or paid for at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  



Abrams Computer Forensics LLC
 has the brand new 
Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate Technology

CelleBrite UFED Touch is battery operated and portable. We can go anywhere, even to the court house  or depositions to forensically collect mobile device data.


With Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate technology 
we can recover evidence from
 Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices, 
even deleted data
including deleted SMS text messages! 

Nobody in the Carolinas can beat our technology for 
recovering evidence from digital electronic devices.


Do you want to know what your
 Spouse, Child or Employee
 has been doing on a 
Computer, Smart Phone, or Tablet?

Our award winning forensics analysts 
can find out for You

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We have been helping South Carolinians with their computer and digital forensics needs longer than anyone else in the state.

We handle digital  forensics and electronic discovery in all types of Civil matters; 
Family Law
(Cyber-affairs, Adultery, Etc.)
Employee-Employer Matters
Complex Business Litigation


Steve was voted 
2004 Investigator of the Year

South Carolina Assoc. of Legal Investigators


A sworn and certified law enforcement officer, 
Steve regularly assists state and federal law enforcement agencies, 
and military Special Forces units with criminal investigations
For this reason, we do no criminal defense work. 

We work internationally.
We'll travel almost anywhere in the world 
to collect and analyze digital evidence.


Retainer Agreement

Affidavit of Consent to Search

Forensic Exam Worksheet



Steven M. Abrams, J.D., M.S.
Chief Investigator  
(Licensed in South Carolina and District of Columbia) 

Abrams Computer Forensics  has its own fully equipped, state of the art Digital Forensics Lab in Charleston, South Carolina. 

We have been qualified in state and federal court to give expert testimony on digital forensics evidence. 

We collect forensic evidence from personal computers (Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux), hard drives, flash drives, digital cameras and media, GPS navigation devices, and file servers.

We are also Certified Mobile Device Examiners, and can extract evidence from Apple iOS, RIM Blackberry, Microsoft, Palm, and Google Android based mobile devices.

We teach computer forensics and computer law extensively in training symposia and CLEs for military, law enforcement, private investigators, and attorneys. 


* Unlike some investigators who use spyware to illegally intercept electronic communications, our methods are scientifically valid, completely legal and result in admissible evidence that can be used in any civil or criminal court or tribunal in South Carolina.  






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